At the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center, we offer mostly free & low-cost stand-alone tools & resources to enhance workplace safety, health, and well-being efforts within your organization.


These actionable and educational tools are reviewed and recommended by experts to help organizations and businesses across different industries enhance, improve, and create a workplace culture of safety, health, and well-being. 

Download our tools one pager to share with your organization. Our tools are continually going through improvements and changes to provide your organization with updated and relevant content. Our toolkits were last reviewed on January, 2020.


Health Impacts Safety meeting guides were developed to support organizations integrating workplace safety, health, wellness and well-being.


Get Healthier lifestyle education cards help employees learn, build, and brainstorm solutions for healthier lifestyles on and off the job.


Educate young workers about work and non-work factors that can impact safety on and off the job. These 10 – 20 minute supervisor-led activities engage young workers in safety, communication, and healthy lifestyle topics.


WorkLife Support activities can help employees or a team solve issues or discuss opportunities. This 15-minute activity can help individuals seek help or advice with a safety problem or reaching a health goal. 


Search Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences directory for categories on the latest research and resources on various occupational health. Learn more about Total Worker Health®, ergonomics, chemical and biological exposures, industry-specific challenges and much more.


Developed by the Oregon Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (OR-FACE), Toolbox Talks are guided group discussions and conversation starters  with action plans for safe work practices to prevent injuries and fatalities in the workplace.  


The chart below will serve as a guide to help you identify which tools & resources to best fit your needs. To access and download the tools, click the resource name. 

click resource name to access

Some of the above links will take you to websites external to OHSU Notes: *denotes resources from NIOSH or other TWH Centers of Excellence **denotes resources developed within the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center ***NwETA, LLC is the company that collaborates with OHSU in the offering of this tool. OHSU has a financial interest in this company and Dr. Anger, who is the Director of the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center at OHSU, is the company's President. If you would like more information about this, please contact the OHSU Integrity Department at (503) 494-8849 OR

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The mission of the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center is to improve the well-being of workers through Total Worker Health® research, dissemination, outreach, and, education. We are housed within the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences at OHSU

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