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Total Worker Health®

Case Studies

The Oregon Healthy Workforce Center and Oregon Total Worker Health® Alliance appreciate our partners committed to the concept of Total Worker Health and for sharing their experiences and stories. We have begun developing case studies using information provided and approved by organizations to be used in education and training about Total Worker Health.

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These case studies are also used within the Oregon Total Worker Health® Alliance Total Worker Health curriculum. The Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences (including the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center), Oregon OSHA and SAIF Corporation signed the first state-wide Alliance we are aware of to expand the knowledge and application of Total Worker Health® principles by leveraging the strengths of three state-based organizations. What we consider to be unique in this alliance, is forging partnership between Oregon's state OSHA, Oregon's not-for-profit, state-chartered workers' compensation insurance company, and an Oregon-based academic research institute. 

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