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Behavior Tracking

Research on behavior change has proven that behavior tracking is key to the success of implementing new learned behaviors. This activity download includes a notecard or lanyard version to help managers and supervisors set goals and track supportive behaviors for two weeks. Behavior tracking is beneficial for leader, supervisor, or managers looking to improve two types of support that can be provided to employees: family and personal support and safety support.

Young Businesswomen


  • This activity involves using a notecard or lanyard to set goals and track your supportive behaviors for two weeks.

  • A template for a notecard or lanyard version is provided along with corresponding directions.

  • There are also a number of mobile apps (not provided) for behavior tracking that can be downloaded through app stores (e.g., Google Play or Apple App Store).

  • Start your tracking at the beginning of your next work day. ƒ    

  • Check-in and record your behaviors at least two times per day for two weeks. Tracking supportive behaviors as they occur is recommended. 

  • Set reminders on your personal devices to remind you to track your behaviors throughout your day. ƒ      

  • Routine follow-up with yourself will be needed after the first two weeks until these behaviors become a part of your everyday work practices.

You can find this Supportive Manager Tracking tool in our Safety and Healthy Improvement Program (SHIP) toolkit. SHIP is an evidence-based toolkit provides training for supervisors and managers, as well as their employees be on the path to improve  areas within their work teams and throughout their organization in safety, health, well-being and team effectiveness.

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