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Team Conversations and Posters

Active Workplace Team Conversations and Posters are Total Worker Health® meeting guides for workplaces looking for strategies to improve safety, health, and well-being. These guides are available to download for free.
Team Meeting

Active Workplace Team Conversations and posters are Total Worker Health meeting tools for workplaces looking for strategies to improve safety, health, and well-being in sedentary workplace settings. These two tools are available to download for free. They can be used as a stand-alone tool or part of the Active Workplace Toolkit.

Team Conversations: Supervisors, managers, and team leaders can use these Team Conversations to lead 15-minute Total Worker Health team conversations about safety, health, and well-being topics. Group discussions build a culture of health at your workplace, reinforce health practices and help employees feel supported by their supervisors.

Posters: The Active Workplace posters can help reinforce information covered in the Team Conversation activities.

To implement the team conversations activity, share them with employees virtually, through email, or print them and use them during team meetings.


Choose the health and safety topic that is most relevant to your employees and distribute the corresponding team conversation guide and poster to supervisors and schedule times for a 15-minute meeting with their teams to deliver the information. 

Active Workplace workplace safety, health, and well-being program

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These guides were developed by Dede Montgomery, Fred Berman, Anjali Rameshbabu, and reviewed by Steven Shea, Kent Anger, Ryan Olson, Amanda McCullough, Brad Wipfli, Illa Gilbert-Jones, Diane Elliott, Kerry Kuehl, Leslie Hammer, and David Hurtado. Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences, OHSU, and Oregon Healthy Workforce Center. Special thanks to Edgard Ramirez and SAIF Corporation for their assistance with Spanish translations. SAIF is a NIOSH Total Worker Health Affiliate.

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