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Start the Conversation

Developed and adapted from CDC/NIOSH's Talking Safety, Youth@Work curriculum, Start the Conversation activities were developed to help educate young workers on areas of safety in the workplace, professional communication, and health promotion. ​

Young workers between the ages of 14 to 24 are at an increased risk for occupational injuries due to limited on-the-job experience, lack of training, lifestyle habits, and other characteristics of this age group.


The Start the Conversation activities are supervisor and/or manager led activities to engage young workers in safety, communication, and health lifestyle topics. These activities integrate both health protection and health promotion. Your workplace can access the leader workbook and activity workbook for employees at no cost. 


  • Making the job safer

  • Violence in the workplace

  • Speak up at work

  • Stress

  • Emotional health

  • Substance use

  • Healthy eating

These activities are intended to be led by supervisors, managers, team leads, or human resource staff during on-boarding, new hire orientation, or staff meetings. They can also be used during daily, weekly or monthly team meetings to help employees learn or refresh on safety, health, and well-being topics.


The Start the Conversation activities are part of OHWC's Promoting U through Safety and Health (PUSH) toolkit. Our tools and continually going through improvements and changes to provide your organization with updated and relevant content. Our toolkits were last reviewed and updated on January, 2020.

We offer a 50-minute online companion training through the Promoting U Through Safety and Health (PUSH) program  that can be used together with the Start the Conversation activities. The online training uses videos, images, and real life examples to reinforce important concepts young workers need to know to stay safe and healthy on the job.

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