Promoting U Through Safety & Health (PUSH)



Young workers between the ages of 14 and 24 are at an increased risk for occupational injuries due to a lack of job experience, an inability to recognize hazards, the ongoing cognitive and physical development of youth, and a reluctance to speak up.
Young workers are more likely to be injured on the job and less likely to advocate for their rights. Promoting U through Safety & Health (PUSH) is a toolkit designed for organizations to reduce workplace injuries, increase healthy habits, and build communication skills. In turn, these outcomes will result in a healthy and productive young workforce.
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Online training for young workers


Start the Conversation Activities

Social Media Prompts

"The content in the PUSH training helps us ensure that our staff is prepared to work safely and provides information about their rights as workers and encourages them to speak up when they have questions. We also value the health promotion focus of the training, because we are aware that on the job, healthy workers are safe workers."

Larissa Doty, Aquatics Coordinator, Portland Parks and Recreation 

"Based on the results from the study conducted during the summer of 2013, we believe that using PUSH as a standard training for new hires is a wise investment in our employees. Not only does it enhance the training that we require for all workers, but the online format allows us to save time and money that we would otherwise need to spend on in-person training."

Barbara Aguon, Safety Manager, Portland Parks and Recreation

PUSH video evaluation focus group participants, real young workers

"The video was short but gave an empowering feeling to its audience. I believe every worker, young and old, should see this video"

"The video was memorable due to the use of humor in many of the sections…"

"I thought this video was actually pretty entertaining for being a training video…"


  • 73% of young workers that took the PUSH training agreed that they would recommend the training to a coworker

  • 68% really enjoyed taking the PUSH training

  • 69% said the PUSH training was useful in improving health and safety on the worksite

  • 63% reported changing one or more behaviors because of the PUSH training (at 10-week follow up)



The PUSH online training is a 50-minute, self-paced program that uses videos and real life examples through stories of real young worker fatalities and injuries to teach young workers about safety, communication, and health. In this training, young workers will learn ways to prevent injuries in the workplace. The training topics are drawn from the NIOSH Youth@Work: Talking safety curriculum, health promotion (nutrition, hydration, sleep, and substance abuse), and effective communication in the workplace. All other components of the PUSH toolkit are free except for an annual license for the online training. Contact us for education & non-profit discounts or participate in YourWorkpath Program to access our programs at no cost to your organization for up to 1 year for 200 employees. Young Worker online training licensing cost: $20 per user Purchase Online Training *We provide government, non-profit and educational opportunities. Customization and branding options available.Our trainings are developed and housed within Northwest Education Training & Assessment (NwETA). Access and purchase the interactive online-based training through NwETA.* Please contact us for more information. *Some of the above links will take you to a website external to OHSU. NwETA, LLC is the company that collaborates with OHSU in the offering of the trainings in these toolkits. OHSU has a financial interest in this company and Dr. Anger, who is the Director of the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center at OHSU, is the company's President; and Dr. Rohlman is the Vice President of NwETA, LLC. If you would like more information about this, please contact the OHSU Integrity Department at (503) 494-8849 or


The supervisor-led, "Start the Conversation Activities" reinforce concepts learned in the PUSH online training. Their purpose is to engage supervisors and young workers in two-way conversation about safety and health in the workplace. Browse the activities by clicking on the "Download the Supervisor-Led Activities" tab located below. The Start the Conversation activities were developed and/or adapted from CDC/NIOSH's Talking Safety, Youth@Work curriculum. These activities were made to educate young workers about work and non-work factors (safety in the workplace, professional communication and health) that can impact safety on and off the job. These activities are designed to be led by supervisors at staff meetings or training sessions. Each activity is about 10-20 minutes long. Examples of curriculum topics:

  • Making the job safer
  • Know your rights
  • Working in retail
  • People communication
  • Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace
  • Stress
  • Emotional health
  • Reading labels
  • Healthy snacking and packing
Visit our downloads page to get access to the "Start the Conversation Activities" at no cost for your organization. We would love to hear how you are using these Total Work Health tools. Contant us and we will give you a free seat to our next Spring or Fall Symposia.


Social media prompts are videos and images that can be used creatively by your organization to emphasize principles included in the online training or the "Start the Conversation Activities."
Browse our Social Media Prompts Tumblr page that showcases examples and ideas for social media prompts to incorporate within your organization to promote younger worker safety, health and well-being. These examples are ideas that help further engage your young worker workforce.

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Why Adopt PUSH?

Training has been shown to effectively reduce the number of workplace injuries. The overall goal of PUSH is to reduce the incidence of workplace injury among young workers by way of training tools specifically designed to address the distinctive needs of this population.


PUSH builds useful skills in young workers by addressing the long-term goals of reducing injuries and improving health with the added benefit of creating a more productive workforce.

The PUSH toolkit was developed by Dr. Diane Rohlman, PhD. Learn more about Diane and her research.

The Science Behind PUSH

Evaluated with park and recreation workers, PUSH showed significant improvements in safety and health knowledge and was well liked by the young workers. The training was adopted by the City of Portland for their seasonal young workers.  

Evidence base:  In a randomized trial, 141 young (mean 18 years of age) parks and recreation workers hired for the summer were given PUSH training.  The PUSH training produced significant improvements in safety and health knowledge (small effect size [d] = 0.4*), though attitudes toward health and safety did not improve.  The training was well liked by the young workers. Results are published in a peer-reviewed publication.

Funding for PUSH was provided by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH; grant: U19OH010154)

Scientific Publications

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