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Access our Total Worker Health®  toolkits through YourWorkpath Program

We are looking for organizations in different industries in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska and throughout the United States to try our evidence-based safety, health, and well-being toolkits. Your organization will have the opportunity to gain access to a Total Worker Health toolkit for up to one year, with additional incentives and support. The only cost associated is printing of workbooks and/or activity worksheets for your organization. OHWC's toolkit and tools can be implemented virtually or in-person. 

Why should your organization try the Your Workpath Program?

  • You will deliver an evidence-based program in your organization to support Total Worker Health practices.

  • Learn strategies to create a more effective and supportive work environment that advocates to improve safety, health, well-being, communication and team collaboration.

  • Help champion a culture of safety and health within your organization.

  • Program feedback will provide valuable information for our future toolkits and tools design.

  • Help make valuable contributions to occupational safety, health and well-being research.

Download the informational one-pager​ to share with your organization


Time commitment?

  • You choose the length of your program

  • Time commitment varies by tool or toolkit, number of employees, and the level of involvement

  • Participate in three 30-minute follow-up calls for pre, mid and post-program check-in completion of three surveys 

Incentives for participation?

  • Free access to digital files and/or scripted online and Total Worker Health educational training materials during the program

  • Your case study will be featured on our website in a write-up, video and/or podcast epsiode

  • We will host a end of program focus group with employee participants. OHWC will develop a report from the focus group for your organization

  • 2 tickets to our Spring or Fall Symposium ($120 value) 

  • Phone and email support during program 

How does my workplace get started?...what's next?

  • Identify someone in your workplace to be the workplace champion and facilitator for the new tool or toolkit

  • Fill out our Pre-Program survey

  • Select a date and time that works best for your schedule to have a virtual call which will cover next steps

  • Identify the number of employees and department(s) in your organization that will participate in the program

  • Lastly, we will give you directions on how to access tool or toolkit materials. These steps include: 1) Develop a timeline for your program , 2) We will set-up a licensing contract for your organization to access program materials, 3) Our team will give you access to the tools and/or toolkit training materials. All of our tools and toolkits can be found on the download page with exception to some of the online trainings.

Technicians at Work

Learn more about our toolkits



Join us for our "YourWorkpath Toolkit and Tools Tour"scheduling a one on one consultation meeting with our Outreach team. In this meeting you can expect:

  • Help us learn about your organizational needs

  • Learn more about our tools and toolkits

  • Time to ask specific questions about YourWorkpath Program and resources

  • Learn more about Total Worker Health and OHWC

Schedule an appointment by:

Begin by completing the pop-up survey on this website and then emailing Amy Spring, Senior Outreach & Dissemination Specialist at

Have questions? We're here to help.​

Contact us for more information and guidance on how we can help your organization be safe, healthy and well.


Intervention Incubator

At the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center, we do more than grant-funded studies. 


If you have a workplace safety or health concern we haven't studied and would be interested in working with us, we would love to hear from you 

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