These Total Worker Health® toolkits are low cost programs designed to improve workplace safety, health, and well-being through organizational change utilizing "gold-standard" research methodology. Toolkit components address the area of Total Worker Health (TWH), such as the TWH Hierarchy of Controls and issues relevant to Total Worker Health (e,g., changing the work environments to eliminate or reduce work hazards, redesigning work structures, improving supervisory practices, enhancing workplace culture, and encouraging positive workplace safety and personal health behaviors). Outcomes of these studies include improved workplace practices (supervisors and employees), reduced injury, improved safety and lifestyle behaviors, and enhanced well-being. 

*Our toolkits are continually going through improvements and changes to provide your organization with updated and relevant content. Our toolkits were last reviewed and updated on January, 2020. 

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through the YourWorkpath Program

We are looking for 1 to 2 organizations to try-out our evidence-based toolkits.  Visit the link below to learn more.

Total Worker Health ® toolkit
Safety and Health Improvement Program (SHIP)

Employees become healthier when their supervisors and teams work together to support safety communication, healthier lifestyles and work-family life. The Safety and Health Improvement Program (SHIP) is an evidence-based workplace toolkit designed to help organizations promote employee health, safety, and work-life balance by increasing supervisor support and team effectiveness.

Total Worker Health ® toolkit
Promoting U Through Safety and Health (PUSH)

Young workers are two times more likely to be injured on the job and less likely to advocate for their rights. PUSH is a toolkit designed for organizations to help young workers reduce workplace injuries, increase healthy habits, and build communication skills.

Total Worker Health ® toolkit
Be Super!

Construction workers in the United States are 3 to 5 times more likely to be injured or killed on the job compared to workers in other industries. The "Be Super!" toolkit is an evidence-based program designed to help organizations improve safety, health, and well-being by educating employees on effective supervision, safety practices, and healthy lifestyles.

Total Worker Health ® toolkit
COMmunity of Practice And Safety Support (COMPASS)

Home care workers often lack access to training, ergonomic tools, and peer support, which puts them at greater risk for injuries and mental and physical illnesses. COMPASS is an evidence-based toolkit geared toward creating a supportive community of professionals to help produce changes in safety and health outcomes.

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The mission of the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center is to improve the well-being of workers through Total Worker Health® research, dissemination, outreach, and, education. We are housed within the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences at OHSU

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