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Interested in partnering with us on a Total Worker Health® study or want to implement a Total Worker Health (TWH) toolkit or tool within your workplace? Learn more about what we’re working on and to see if your organization would be a fit.


We aim to create sustainable partnerships and are looking to expand our reach to include new industry partners. We want to collaborate with our partners through educational opportunities, program design opportunities, and  implementation of safety, health and well-being tools and toolkits within your organization


We would love to collaborate through:

Tech4Rest Study

The Tech4Rest study aims to improve sleep, reduce fatigue, and impact Total Worker Health for team truck drivers. Insufficient sleep is related to workplace safety, high risk for obesity, chronic disease, and early mortality.


Long haul team truck drivers, where one driver sleeps in a moving vehicle while the other partner drives, face especially challenging sleeping conditions. Team drivers’ sleep is disrupted twice as often as solo trucker drivers’.


Our project includes two components: 

  • An enhanced cab intervention that utilizes a therapeutic mattress system and an active suspension seat to alter whole-body vibrations during driving and sleep periods. 

  • A behavioral sleep intervention, which has been adapted from our effective SHIFT (Safety & Health Involvement For Truckers) program.


We are currently recruiting trucking companies with a team truck driving model to participate in this study. If you know an organization that might be interested or would like more information about our study, please contact the research team at or 503-494-6580.

Active Workplace Study

Exposure to sedentary work is an occupational hazard with significant health and safety consequences, including increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, early mortality, musculoskeletal pain, injuries, and detrimental changes in physiological functioning.


As the number of sedentary jobs in the US continues to grow, effective interventions to reduce sedentary behavior in the workplace are increasingly important.


The Active Workplace Study is a multilevel intervention that examines the effectiveness of varying doses of a Total Worker Health intervention, aimed at maximizing the utilization of health and safety resources, for reducing sedentary behavior and prolonged sitting among call center employees, who are among the most sedentary workers in the US.

The Active Workplace team is looking to enlist call centers with employees willing to participate in intervention-specific trainings and activities. The findings of this research study will be valuable to your organization because they will help us better understand how we can impact the call center environment to improve worker health. Healthy employees are happier and more productive. If you would like additional information on our study, please contact the research team at


Intervention Incubator

At the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center, we do more than grant-funded studies. 


If you have a workplace safety or health concern and are interested in working with us, let's start the conversation.


Total Worker Health toolkits

We are looking for businesses in different industries to try-out our evidence-based safety, health and well-being toolkits outside of the research landscape. Your organization will have the opportunity to gain access to the toolkit for up to one-year.


Find out more about  current opportunities

A mission of the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences where the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center is housed, is to improve the lives of workers through biomedical and occupational health research.


Our institute has over 70 scientists and research staff that explore a range of questions relating to the prevention of injury and disease, and the promotion of health. 

Other partnership ideas? 

Contact us for more information and guidance on how we can help your organization be safe, healthy and well.

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