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COMmunity of Practice and Safety Support (COMPASS)

This page includes downloads to the COMPASS toolkit. These toolkit components are mostly free and low-cost resources designed to help workplaces improve workplace safety, health, and well-being. You can visit any time and download resources as often as you would like. All tools and toolkits can be implemented virtually and in person.

We are looking for organizations in all industries to participate: Join OHWC's YourWorkpath Program to get access to our Total Worker Health® toolkits for your organization with additional incentives included. Your workforce will build skills and strategies in safety and health, as well as build a culture of well-being.

Learn about our toolkits: schedule a one-on-one meeting by contacting Amy Spring at
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COMPASS Toolkit for home care workers


Home care workers often lack access to training, ergonomic tools, and peer support, which puts them at greater risk for injuries and mental and physical illnesses. COMPASS is an evidence-based toolkit where home care workers learn together, set goals, and get support for making changes to improve their safety, health, and well-being. We partnered with the Oregon Home Care Commission to develop the COMPASS. Toolkit. Learn more in the video below.

Visit the COMPASS Toolkit page to learn more. Access and share the COMPASS one pager.

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COMPASS Toolkit for home care workers

Guidebook Preview: Meeting 1

Download the COMPASS meeting one leader guidebook preview. COMPASS components include in-person or virtual small group meetings, lessons on safety and health topics relevant to home care, team activity, group problem solving, and individual goal setting. The goals of the toolkit are to increase social support, improve physical and psychological well-being, and reduce hazards in the home and improve safety and health. Contact us to access the full toolkit health. 

Visit the COMPASS Toolkit page to learn more. Access and share the COMPASS one pager.


COMPASS Toolkit for home care workers

 WorkLife Support Activity

The WorkLife Support Activity is a simple 30-minute evidence-informed activity that can be led by a group leader, supervisor, or manager. This activity can be implemented during daily, weekly or monthly team meetings to help employees support each other, brainstorm challenging issues or opportunities, as well as to improve overall safety, health, and well-being. Download the WorkLife Support Activity below.


Visit the COMPASS Toolkit page to learn more. Access and share the COMPASS one pager.

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COMPASS Toolkit for home care workers

 WorkLife Support Activity
Action Planning Worksheets

We have provided additional WorkLife Support Activity Planning Worksheets.

Visit the COMPASS Toolkit page to learn more. Access and share the COMPASS one pager.

YourWorkpath Program: Total Worker Health toolkits 

We are looking for organizations in different industries in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska and beyond to try our evidence-based safety, health, and well-being toolkits. Your organization will have the opportunity to gain access to a Total Worker Health toolkit for up to one year, with additional incentives. The only cost associated is printing of workbooks and/or activity worksheets for your organization. Programs can be implemented virtually or in person.

Interested in learning more? Contact Amy Spring at

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Contact us for more information and guidance on how we can help your organization be safe, healthy and well.

Copyright © Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). For inquiries regarding the use, distribution, and/or modification of COMPASS, please contact both and and put in the subject line, "Tools and Toolkit Distribution and Licensing."

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