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Safety is for Everyone

Its not uncommon to hear the word "safety" and think of workers in industries such as construction or transportation where safety is a top priority. However, what many people forget is that there are opportunities around every corner to live a safer lifestyle.

Take a moment to think about your personal safety and that of your family? How valuable is it? Many people don't realize that most accidents may not be accidental at all. Some accidents can be caused by personal lifestyle, carelessness, poor judgement, faulty decisions, and bad habits.

Some of the ways you can incorporate personal safety so you live a longer, safer life include the following:

DRIVING. It is easy to observe people doing more than one activity at a time and, more often than not, we do it while driving. Eating. Talking on the phone. Looking in the mirror. Texting. These are all symptoms of distracted driving - a leading cause of accident fatality. Consider whether the action being done in the car while driving is truly worth it. Do you regularly check your car for proper operation? What about making sure your headlights and brake lights are in working condition?

ON THE ROAD. Do you bicycle? Remember that sidewalks are generally meant for pedestrians and are often dangerous places to ride a bike. What about using crosswalks instead of jaywalking? When you go out to take a walk or bicycle, do you walk or ride on the left side of the road so that you are facing oncoming traffic?

INJURY. See a broken bottle or jagged piece of metal on the street, beach or sidewalk. Taking a minute to pick these things up and dispose of them can help avoid tire damage or skin injury.

This is just a small list of the many things you can do to be safer. Why not try making your own list of 5 ways you can live a safer lifestyle? You might be glad you did.


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